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When construction and manufacturing challenges are complex, deadlines are tight and exceptional quality is required, we answer the call. We have completed more than 13,000 projects for major companies since 1989. We are constantly innovating to meet the challenges of aluminium smelters, mines, paper mills, and hydroelectric plants. With over 100 pieces of equipment, our huge manufacturing space, and a 75-ton lifting capacity, we can build, repair, and manufacture anything.

Case Studies

Installation of rails for a shaft elevator.

Industry and challenges: Aluminum plant

  • Carry out complex work in the foundry.

  • Remove and replace the rails behind the shaft elevator to make it safer and more efficient.

  • Very quick turnaround time.

  • Ensure job site health and safety.

  • Minimize downtime

Solution and expertise:

  • Develop a method to maximize safe work in a difficult to access area (confined space work).

  • Apply a precise and complex work sequence.

  • Highly complex intervention based on experience and creativity.

  • Design innovative security procedures.

  • Install rails in a complex environment.

  • Precision welding.

  • Team of 10 people, 4 trades.

Impacts of our work:

  • Deadline respected to minimize production losses.

  • Flawless operation of the shaft elevator.

  • Proposal of a safe working method.

Optimization of a thickener rake manufacturing process.

Industry and challenges: New mine plan

  • Manufacture three rakes for an 18-metre diameter thickener.

  • Recommendations to optimize the process.

Solution and expertise:

  • Characterization of the current processes and the usage environment.

  • Synergy between our multidisciplinary teams.

  • 3D modelling.

  • Design a cost-effective and efficient manufacturing process.

Impacts of our works:

  • Lower manufacturing cost and increased profitability.

  • Improved product quality due to more resistant manufacturing.

  • Faster construction using ingenious manufacturing technology.

Engineering design to resize a non-standard part.

Industry: Mining



  • Rethink the manufacturing of a six-metre tank for the mining field. Maintain the complex geometry of the wave-shaped tank bottom.

  • Innovative construction work with a high degree of complexity.

  • Ensure the safe, efficient, and impeccable transportation of the tank without deformation.

Solution and expertise:

  • Optimize the concept to meet resistance standards.

  • Easy transportation.

  • Conceptualize and model the tank parts.

  • Unique solution developed thanks to a multidisciplinary team.

  • Bolting techniques that respect the highest seal standards.

Impacts of our work:

  • Significant savings on transportation costsas no road closures were required.

  • Respect for tank quality

  • No deformation of parts

  • Client’s expectations (budget, schedule, quality of work) fully satisfied.


At Fransi, we are proud to count large companies among our loyal customers as well as major projects that are the pride of our team.  

We would like to thank the following companies for trusting us to build large-scale metal pieces:

  • Alcoa

  • Alouette

  • ArcelorMittal

  • Minerai de fer Québec

  • Hydro-Québec

  • IOC

  • Résolu

  • Cargill Grain

  • Mason Graphite (see video above)


Regional Pride

Snowmobile bridge over the Bersimis River

We manufactured and installed the suspended snowmobile bridge over the Bersimis River.

This 330-foot-long bridge was built in 2010.


12' diameter x 60' long penstock


Marine tower


Esco bucket


240-ton truck bed

2011, 2013 et 2014

Wind turbine base


40' of concrete formwork

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