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Each member of our team brings qualifications and knowledge that complement our collective expertise: agility, passion, devotion, swiftness, and efficiency. Each person is a unique asset to our company and actively contributes to its success.

Our shared values allow us to meet the needs of our clients, adapt to their situations, and deliver a finished product we are proud of that will fulfill its function efficiently and durably.

We never compromise on quality. We strive to follow the most recent trends in the field of metal manufacturing so that we can provide exceptional service, before, during, and after the completion of your project.




Félix Lirette, Jr. Eng.

Project manager - Fabrication

Frédérick Martel

Frédérick Martel

Project manager -  Fabrication

Steeve Gauthier

Steeve Gauthier

Project manager - Construction

Stéphane Gauthier

Maxime Hovington, Jr. Eng.

Construction engineer

Félix Lirette

Félix Lirette, Jr. Eng.

Project manager - Fabrication

Jonathan Lévesque

Manon LeBel

Administrative director

Richard Imbeault

Jonathan Lévesque

General manager

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